Character Biographies for Eddie Bears Video Game

Character Biographies for Eddie Bears Video Game

This collection of character biographies was commissioned by Action Button Entertainment for the game Eddie Bears. The brief was to create a selection of characters from film noir tropes that could populate a sandbox world.

Eddie Bear

Eddie is the whole thing. He is the head of the largest gang and has a claw in almost every pot. In short, he is the bear who got the honey. From a poor kid growing up on the streets and stoops of The Den he rose through The City’s criminal world to become one of the most powerful mobsters in the business. With his humble roots, Eddie has a chip on his shoulder when it comes to his rival mobsters seeing them as trust fund criminals, inheriting power from old families rather than being self-made business bears like him. Eddie will stop at nothing to control every aspect of city life and in his twisted way sees himself as a benevolent protector of the city. Taking care of the business everyone else is too weak or scared to do.

He is ruthless in his expansion but every so often can be deflated, somewhat, by his old friend and conscience Goldie. The pair grew up together, sleeping on the same stoop on the corner of Acre and Stone and for a time at least were everything to each other. They were closer than friends each considering the other family but romance was never on the cards. As kids they clung to each other for survival each complimenting the other: the street toughened Eddie keeping Goldie safe from harm while in turn, Goldie helped Eddie maintain a spark of morality. As the years went on they became separated by circumstance, each leaving their marks on the other. Now, from his lonely position of power, Eddie keeps a watchful eye over Goldie and The Just Right Dinner. If you ever cross the street on the corner of Acre and Stone you may just see a bear in a sharp suit taking in the time of day and wondering where it all went right.


Sam is a hardbitten bear from the lower east-south side. He’s had the stuffing kicked out of him on an almost weekly basis for the past 20 years but won’t be knocked down just yet. He worked for years with the city police trying to keep order in a town awash with crime and dirty honey, but after a fateful run-in with Eddie Bear in China Town, he left the waining force to become a PI. He has dedicated his life to taking down the bear that holds his beloved city in one paw and who, in Sam’s mind, stole his one and only love, Goldie. 

Sam and Goldie had been inseparable but upon discovering her past involvement with Eddie and her unwillingness to testify against the all-powerful Mob Boss, Sam has had to resign himself to a more solitary existence. He still holds a special place in his heat for Goldie and can often be seen propping up the dinner’s counter late at night, making sure to arrive well after Goldie's shift ends. He carries an old espresso six-shooter, his badge and the weight of the world on his shoulders. 


A shining dame in a grubby city. Goldie owns the Just Right Dinner in the part of town known as The Den. The place is a hub for the big and the small, for the criminal and the legit, and at the centre of every dealing is Goldie, with a slice of cake in one hand and mocha gun beneath the counter. Goldie grew up with Eddie sharing hardships on the same stoop but while Eddie sort to control the city, Goldie quickly realised the safest place is always a few steps behind the throne. She has no interest in power but is no one's fool and the Just Right Dinner is a spot of neutrality right in the centre of a fractured city. Despite all she’s been through she retains her sunny outlook seeing the good in everyone. She has even tamed a few of the city’s meanest crooks and misfits such as Larry, the hitman turned bouncer and Bruno the honey runner tuned burger chef. No one crosses Goldie and in truth, if you looked hard enough everyone in the city owes her something. Who knows, if she wanted to, she probably has the connections to run the whole town.


Trucks is 14 and lives near the docks on the lower west side. Her parents run The Country Bear Grill Bar or C Bar for short. A venue synonymous with good food, good music and good times, though somewhat cleaner and more refined than it used to be. With her parents' rock and roll pedigree to live up to Trucks can usually be found near the wharf skate park or playing bass in her band Cobrastyle. She loves the excitement of the bar and is more than a little aware of the dealings happening behind the curtain. Her family don’t get involved but The C Bar has always played host to the best and the worst of The City’s showbiz stars and all the mud they drag in with them. 

Trucks loves to skate and is often running into trouble breaking into warehouses and parking lots in search of new sweet spots. She is always amazed at how much goes on in these supposedly empty buildings. 

Roxie Brown

Roxie grew up poor. Really poor. Her hardworking mother supported them both in a freezing one-bedroom apartment, spending every last drop they had on Roxie’s education. To this day Roxie loves to play the piano and to attend the ballet, always with her proud elderly mother in tow. Having won a scholarship she studied at university to become a lawyer and was sickened by the state of the city and its justice system. She worked long hours for little gain watching her mother and other hard-working bears suffer while Eddie and his Mobsters pocketed all the honey. Seeing no future in playing it straight Roxie began to use her intelligence and insider knowledge to play the system to her advantage, redirecting embezzled funds to help The City’s poorest communities and radicalising younger bears to start causing trouble for the street gangs. 

Pretty soon she found herself becoming the centre of a network. As more bears needed feeding more tracks needed covering and as more young bears caused trouble for them the more the gangs fought back. Before she knew it Roxie was facing off against Eddie and the rest of the mob leaders as an equal. To this day she is proud of the fact that she has never stolen anything from any bear who wasn’t already a crook but as the years go on Roxie finds it harder and harder to maintain an honest den of thieves. Her sole comfort is knowing that no matter what happens her old mother spends her evenings listening to the radio in their warm and spacious apartment. 

Sam Staite

Sam runs her chop shop in Mid Town and is always happy to fix up your car, bike, plane, robot or just about anything else you can bring to her. A natural tinkerer Sam got the calling of the engineer early and her hands were never clean again. She measures, notes, tests and then measures again and you can be sure that it will take a very special type of push to knock over anything Sam’s built to stand up. Everyone comes to Sam’s and no one is stupid enough to ask her about her loyalties, since if you want a job done discreetly, fast and more importantly, in such a way that you don’t end up with the police catching up to you on the side of the road with a broken transmission you call Sam.

Also, she keeps the receipts. Just like any good engineer Sam knows the importance of keeping track. Anything that comes through her shop is the property of her customers and her customers only, she just fixes what needs fixing. A lot of the time that might mean a fresh coat of paint but hey its what the customer wanted. When the boys in blue come knocking you can be sure Sam will have all the paperwork printed and duplicated. Sam just does her job but it is a real shame so many of her customers turn out to be so dishonest. 

Sophie Lee

Sophie is a sweet bear from British Columbia Canada. Of course, she is also a hardbitten Chicago dame with a past and something to hide. Or maybe she is currently a french heiress in town to take in the sites? Who knows? She has been so many people now that its hard to find her own face among the masks. With dreams of the stage, Sophie moved to broadway to become a star and for a time acted, danced, sang in any number of imaginary hit shows. Every customer in The Just Right Dinner was astounded when they found out who they were being served by and would often ask for an autograph when she worked her shifts. Just to cover a few things you understand. Sophie didn’t let sniggers and kind looks get to her, instead, she would focus on the next three night off-broadway run that, this time, would truly be her big break.

It wasn’t any of her basement attic runs that made her though. It was Eddie. More precisely it was Eddie’s driver Max. During one of Eddie’s rare visits to his old friend Goldie, Max chatted to Sophie for a whole evening. He ordered shake after shake and for the first time in a long time, Sophie had an audience. He invited her to a party, a charity dinner he said and with a casual flourish gave her a roll of twenties for a dress. Her first paying punter. That party was the start of her career. Every night an appreciative audience, better money than any SAG rate and of course the Mob throw better parties than any of Hollywood’s finest. The house may be small but she's not had a bad review yet. 

Danna D 

Danna D is the Latino soul of The Purrsaides Ladies one of The City’s oldest and hip hop crews. Originally a competitive ballroom dancer Debbie joined the crew when she found her dance partner husband cheating on her with a jazz specialist called Ashley. Amongst the breakers, DJs and MCs of the city, The P Ladies are a force to be reckoned with. Danna with her Latin fire and sharp swagger is a big part of that. She can usually be found mixing in The Village with the other Ladies, working a crowd or just having fun. Her crew is tight and without a place to live Danna D found herself sleeping on the couch of the crew’s resident graffiti artist Velena B. Its now been six months and the pair have taken over a loft space in the warehouse district turning it into a haven for street artists, poets, dancers and general bohemia. 


Cassady has read everything Ginsburg ever wrote and now is deeper than anyone she knows. No matter the problem there is always “some stuff you should read,” and you can bet your life Cassady has read it all. Of course, that's not the point because writing is just words and they are only constructs for thoughts which is boring 3-dimensional thinking in the first place. At least according to Cassady. Seriously Cassady is serious! The C Club has gone way too mainstream and the crowd there just don't get her, being too distracted, as they are, by bourgeois ideas, while the warehouse crews haven’t read enough to see how important her work is. Still, she will continue to find her niche in coffee houses and bars across The City. Even if the staff and customers ask her politely to stop. People are just afraid of what's new and daring. Seriously. No seriously. 

Boom Bear Band

These guys are the masters of city busking. On-campus up in the north-west of town they are The Pearly Buzzards, down in The Village, The Freaky Flakes and outside the opera house, they don dinner jackets from their trusty amp trunk and become the Le Ersa String Trio. The C Club keeps offering the guys a stage but what with Union Square, Prior Park and a double bill at the opera house tomorrow they have gigs coming out of their ears. 

Pull My Own Stuffing Ted

Ted has plans big plans. He’s the next Harry Selfridge with a touch of Rockefeller on the side. Spit and sawdust with the talent of turning coal into diamonds. His storage unit, come office, come apartment can be found behind Sam’s Chop Shop in midtown. The old shed isn’t much but Sam likes having someone around at all hours and Ted can certainly be relied on for that. He never stops. He just needs to raise some capital and his merchandise will get him a place at the top. He’s a common sight at all the markets, as well as the ballparks, street corners and any other place the crowds gather. After all, a crowd is simply a collection of folk who are looking for the next piece of entertainment. Where and how Ted acquires his merchandise is unknown but if you need a toilet brush at three in the morning or a set of juggling clubs by lunchtime you can be sure there is one fella who can hook you up. He’ll let you have them for a bargain too. Even if that is pulling his own stuffing. 

Zhou Si

Extortion, bribery, racketeering, counterfeiting; these are just a few of Zhou Si’s favourite past times. Zhou is fairly new to the city but he and his panda boys have entrenched themselves very deeply. Over the years, China Town had been slipping quietly and very happily into the background. After all, when your family has been living in the same street for the past four generations its unlikely anyone can feel like an alien in the city. Zhou Si, however, grew up on very different streets, cutting his teeth in Hong Kong. He arrived ten years ago looking to stir things up and China Town has never been the same. The youngest son of Hong Kong Triad Zhang Si, Zhou had a lot to prove and was determined to continue the family business on his new turf. Zhou is a child of the twenty-first century but knows how to use the old-world culture to manipulate both his friends and enemies. His high tech offices right in the middle of China Town are state of the art, with security to foil even the most diligent of intruders but when the law comes to visit all the outside world will see is a quaint little tea house. 

Zhou first gained a foothold in the city by buying up the construction industry and running protection rackets amongst his new business partners and tenants. Using this capital he soon started importing counterfeit Hong Kong honey into the city and mixing it with the legitimate product to double his money and expand his criminal enterprise. He is ruthless and untouchable from the law, holding diplomatic immunity as a Chinese ambassador while remaining too important amongst the criminal network to risk challenging. 

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