What is Gold Vermeil

Gold Vermeil is a favoured option for many jewellery designers and consumers. The lower costs involved in its manufacture are appealing but more importantly, it allows designers to be bolder in their choices when creating high-quality jewellery. Pieces of exquisite design that may normally cost hundreds or even thousands are made readily available to those of us who appreciate craftsmanship while still remaining fiscally responsible. After all, when it comes to jewellery we are buying the skill of the hand and eye as well as the materials used. 

Cooporate Blog Entry: The History of Water Jet Cutting

As with any invention, it is hard to pinpoint the exact creation of water cutting. From as early as 2000BC ancient cultures have diverted the flow of rivers to cut through previously impassible routes and many medieval mote systems were hand-dug on the understanding that flowing water would eventually finish the job without the use of manual labour. A stone in a river will eventually be worn to sand.

Character Biographies for Eddie Bears Video Game

As the years went on they became separated by circumstance, each leaving their marks on the other. Now, from his lonely position of power, Eddie keeps a watchful eye over Goldie and The Just Right Dinner. If you ever cross the street on the corner of Acre and Stone you may just see a bear in a sharp suit taking in the time of day and wondering where it all went right.

Tails of the Tatras Trails

She pointed out our route as if planning a military campaign and was very clear about certain paths. “You go here, you go here, you do not go here you die. You go here you die but you go here, you go here.” Her baby continued to feed throughout the briefing only stopping once and crying gently. Agata apologised and explained, “he three days old he not disciplined yet.” My partner and I were in awe and agreed that we were in love with this tough as teak badass.

Sample of Unpublished Fantasy Novel

The old giant’s hands grabbed at thin air, his eyes bulged and the remaining tangle of sheets were thrown from his twitching legs. With a shudder and a whine, a final breath escaped Falki and he lay still. Blood dripping from his chin. Haakon looked over to Njord. The golden belt lay in the champion’s hands its intricate design of a roaring dragon clear to see.